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chocolate cupcake with happy birthday sign

Craig Y.

BEST CUPCAKE PLACE IN THE EAST BAY. I love this place. The cupcakes are moist and delicious. The frosting is awesome. And they always have at least two or three gluten-free options which are delicious! So many cupcake places fail in this area. And believe me I've looked around. Then to top it off, you get a free mini cupcake for bringing back your cupcake box! AND they have a cupcake reward program! Seriously. Awesome.

vanilla cupcake with dark blue frosting and sprinkles on top

Dean T.

The Best Cupcakes West of the Hudson River, and possibly the Atlantic Ocean!
Always fresh, with incredibly varied flavors with highly imaginative names!
And most importantly, the best tasting cupcakes anywhere! And now they have delicious Cakes available also! Check out the Website for ordering instructions! Eat a Cupcake, Be Happy...

chocolate cupcake with green frosting and candy eggs

LaSha G.

The cupcakes are delicious.  I derive great joy from eating a cupcake from this place.  I enjoy the lemon/lemonade one's but there hasn't been too many flavors that I didn't like.  Plus the owner is super friendly and remembered my face after me being away from Oakland for 3+ years.

cupcakes with different emoji faces


We live in Austin Texas, placed an order online and then followed up with the bakery.  1 dozen assorted cupcakes and 2 extra large birthday cupcakes.  

5 stars.  Very professional, timely delivery and delicious!

Both my Father In Law and his staff enjoyed their surprise delivery.... The feedback was that these are the best cupcakes they have ever tasted.

I highly recommend this bakery!