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First off, we want to say Congratulations!

Sweeten your wedding day with James & The Giant Cupcake! From flavors that are timeless classics to custom assortments and personalized monograms, decorations, and cupcake display options, James And The Giant Cupcake offers endless possibilities to celebrate your special day.


Love wins! If you're ready to move forward we are here to help make it as romantic, smooth and safe as possible. We offer clear individual, compostable containers that are perfect for distance weddings or as wedding favors. Email to inquire. 


Delivery & Setup:  $65 + .58 cents/mile, round trip

Large Tier Rental: $50, holds up to 9 dozen full size or 14 dozen mini cupcakes.
Large Tier Deposit:  $75

Small Tier Rental:  $25, holds up to 4 dozen full size or 10 dozen mini cupcakes.
Small Tier Deposit:  $35

Cupcakes Prices & Serving Recommendations

Full Size Cupcakes = 1 per person
Monthly or Deluxe Flavors:  $42/dozen
Gluten Free/Vegan:  $42/dozen

Mini cupcakes = 1-2 per person
Monthly or Deluxe Flavors: $24/dozen
Gluten Free/Vegan:  $24/dozen

We offer cutting cakes! 
6” 3 layer: Starting at  $65
8” 3 layer:  Starting at $85

Tiered Cakes

4" + 6" tiered cake: Starting at $150. 

6" + 8" +  tiered cake: Starting at $200

Please email for price quote.